Three Key Points to Know about the Emergency Heat Setting on Heat Pumps

24 November 2015
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When you are a new heat pump owner, or when you have a new heat pump installed, you may notice a setting called the emergency setting. This may also be labelled as simply ER on your thermostat switch. As a new heat pump owner you may not know what this setting means, how to use it, or if you should use it all. Before you simply overlook it, there are a few key points you should know. Read More 

Troubleshooting Air Conditioner Problems

10 November 2015
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Owning a home can be a very expensive endeavor. The best way to keep costs down is by trying to repair things around the house on your own before making a service call. Most repair services will charge you just to come out and evaluate your problem. Whether you have to have a fan belt replaced or you simply forgot to switch it to on, the cost is the same. Before you pick up the telephone to make a high-priced call, check for these most common air conditioning problems. Read More 

Common But Surprising Problems With a Home’s Air Conditioner

16 September 2015
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Your home's central air conditioner should run continuously and without problems for years, but of course you will eventually have some problems with it as parts break down. This can mean that the air conditioner stops working altogether, but in some cases, you may simply be experiencing problems with how it cools or how it operates. Note a few common but surprising problems with a home's air conditioner that you might want to discuss with a repairperson from a service like Aircompliance Airconditioning Pty Ltd, so they know where to start looking for broken parts and so you can know what to expect by way of repair bills. Read More 

How to Know When Your Home’s Furnace Needs Repair or Maintenance Work

11 September 2015
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When you turn on the heat to your home and no warm air comes out of the vents, of course your home's furnace needs some type of repair or maintenance work. However, not all signs of needed work are so obvious, and no matter the failure on the part of the furnace, you might want to know beforehand what type of repair work you're facing. This can help you to talk to a repairperson when you call for an appointment and to know what bill to expect as well. Read More 

How Hiring A Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Company Can Help A Small Business To Grow

3 September 2015
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Small businesses who cook and serve food from a kitchen can benefit from using a commercial cleaning company like Lotus Filters to maintain their kitchen space. As well as having complete peace of mind regarding the cleanliness of the kitchen, hiring a cleaning company can actually help a small company to grow. This article looks at how this can be done. Healthier, Loyal Staff It is true to say that a small business is only as good as its employees. Read More